A North Charleston man was arrested Friday after trying to sell crack cocaine to an undercover police officer, according to an incident report from the North Charleston Police Department.

According to the report, an undercover officer approached a suspected narcotics dealer at Remount Road and North Murray Avenue about 9:20 p.m. Friday and asked if he knew where to buy crack. The suspected dealer gave the officer a phone number to call in 10 minutes. The officer called the number and was told somebody would call him back.

The officer then got a call from a man later identified as Oliver L. Nelson, 20, of Leiderman Street in North Charleston, according to the report. Nelson asked what the officer wanted and said to meet him on Dobson Street.

The officer didn’t spot Nelson on Dobson Street. Nelson called the officer back, said he saw him driving by and told him to meet him at the Dobson Street Apartments.

The officer and Nelson met in the complex while the officer sat in the car. The officer said he wanted to buy $40 worth of crack cocaine. Nelson insisted that the officer put the crack cocaine in his mouth to prove he was not a police officer. The officer put the crack in his mouth and spit it out. Nelson took the money, whose serial numbers had been recorded earlier for later identification, according to the report.

At that point, officers monitoring the deal approached Nelson. He tried to run and fought with officers but was eventually subdued and the cash retrieved, according to the report.

Nelson was charged with distribution of crack cocaine, assault on a police officer and distribution of crack cocaine within a half mile of a school or park. He’s being held in the Charleston County jail.

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