A 15-year-old North Charleston High School student is accused of hitting a female teacher during class, according to North Charleston police.

Tuesday at 11:24 a.m. the teacher, who has not yet been identified, told the male student to stop talking, according to an incident report.

After the student ignored the teacher’s request, she asked him again, but he put his fingers in his ears, the report stated. The teacher then told the student he would be receiving an office referral, according to the report.

The student then stood up and hit the teacher in the face, the report stated. The teacher went to the floor, where the student continued hitting the teacher until other students in class pulled the student off the teacher, according to police.

The teacher was taken to Medical University Hospital for X-rays and has been released. She had a bump on her forehead and redness on other parts of her head, police stated.

“The student stated he was frustrated and felt pressured so he lashed out by striking the teacher,” the report stated.

The student was being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice Tuesday.

The student will be charged with second-degree assault as a juvenile, according to police. Charleston County School District spokesman Jason Sakran said the student has been suspended and is being recommended to the Office of Student Placement for expulsion.