Reports of violence and drugs at Camouflage Grille prompted a North Charleston decision to shut down the Dorchester Road nightspot.

On Thursday, City Council is scheduled to hear the club's appeal of that action.

North Charleston notified Camouflage on March 26 that its business license was being revoked, but the venue was able to stay open because it filed a challenge to the city decision. Last Wednesday, North Charleston prevailed in a ruling by the Charleston County Business License User Fee Appeals Board.

"The board upheld the city's revocation, however, the business has now requested City Council to review the decision," said city spokesman Ryan Johnson.

The city moved to revoke the club license four days after a shooting linked to the business left four people wounded.

Police reported 11 responses to the club from Jan. 19 to March 27. Two of them were for alleged attempted murder. Others resulted in charges related to possession of cocaine base and marijuana with intent to distribute. Vandalism by gunfire, unlawful carrying of a pistol and public intoxication were other offenses linked to the nightspot, according to an email from police spokesman Spencer Pryor.

In early April, the club said in a letter to the county that it had hired off-duty police officers to provide security and check for concealed weapons.

Khadijah Gordon, president and manager of Live Wire LLC, which does business as Camouflage, said in the letter that the venue sells more food than alcohol. Gordon compared Camouflage Grille to some of the popular chain restaurants.

Gordon could not be reached by phone at a contact number listed in the April 7 letter.

"The company has taken action to prevent any incident like the previous one from happening again," the letter states.

The club is located in a strip mall near Cross County Road. Its doors were locked early Wednesday afternoon.

"For me, it's alright. It's fine in the daytime. Camouflage works for me," said Rico Whitaker, a barber at Family Affair Hair Styling Center next door.

Whitaker said customers waiting for a haircut sometimes visit the club for happy hour. He noted that problems at the venue tend to happen after midnight.

Camouflage was open on Tuesday, he said.