No breakthrough after Day 2 of Jasper mediation

This rendering shows Plan B, a recent attempt at a compromise that would include a new park on St. Mary’s Field (lower left) with buildings of mixed height in the distance, where the existing Sergeant Jasper building now stands.

Those trying to mediate a solution to what should be built on Charleston’s Sergeant Jasper site will keep trying next week.

A second day of court-ordered mediation ended late Thursday with representatives from the city, The Beach Co. and four groups agreeing to continue their work next week, city spokesman Jack O’Toole said.

The mediation is taking place behind closed doors, and those involved are restricted as to what they can say publicly.

“The mediator gave me permission to say the parties are making good progress and will reconvene next week,” O’Toole said. “That’s literally all I can say, word for word.”

The parties have been working on a redevelopment plan that would raze the drab 14-story apartment building and replace it with a lower development that would be mostly residential and also would include offices, shops and structured parking. Also at issue is what, if anything, will be built on a Broad Street property just west of Barre Street, a site known as St. Mary’s Field.

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