Dating in the Holy City is the theme of a new "reality" TV show.

Al Roker Entertainment - run by the jolly TV forecaster - has put out a casting call for Charleston singles with interesting dating stories.

The announcement came to light this week, and a representative of the publicity company that represents Roker Entertainment confirmed it Friday. The announcement says the show will be carried by "a major U.S. network."

It seems Charleston caught Roker's imagination because the city has an abundance of attractive women, which sets up some interesting tensions.

"Does having so many girls and so few guys make for an extreme dating environment?" the announcement reads. "Have you found yourself in strange or surreal dating situations?

"If you're a woman, do you and your girlfriends just give up? Or do you step up your game to compete? Are you super hot, but single because guys won't settle down? Does competition for guys make you more aggressive or provocative?

"If you're a man, is it hard to justify seeing one person? Have you become a player just because you can?"

The producers are looking for dating stories from singles 18 to 24 years old.

Candidates are invited to email a photo, brief bio, any relevant links and something about what it's like to date in Charleston to, with the subject line "single."

"A producer will be in touch!" the announcement ends.

Reach Dave Munday at 937-5553.