New trial denied for Ethan Mack, convicted of killing Charleston woman Kate Waring

Ethan Mack looks back towards the courtroom observers during his 2011 trial for the murder of Kate Waring. He later entered an Alford plea for voluntary manslaughter.

The man imprisoned for the 2009 killing of Charleston woman Kate Waring was denied a new trial last week, according to court records.

Ethan Mack, 34, filed a request for a new trial on his voluntary manslaughter conviction. A hearing was held earlier this month in Charleston County.

Circuit Judge Markley Dennis denied his request on April 17, according to court records. The entire order has not yet been filed, which will detail the judge's decision.

Mack entered an Alford plea to voluntary manslaughter in April 2011 for Waring's death. Alford means he did not admit guilt but conceded there was enough evidence to convict him and it still counts as a conviction.

Mack entered the plea as prosecutors prepared to take him to trial for a second time on a murder charge.

He is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence at the maximum-security Perry Correctional Institution in Pelzer.

Mack's first trial ended in a hung jury on the murder charge, although he was found guilty of forgery and obstruction of justice.

Mack made the request to retry his voluntary manslaughter conviction based on the argument his lawyer did a poor job of representing him. Mack's former attorney, David Aylor, said he stands behind his work.

Mack's attorney, Charles Brooks III said he intended to file an intent to appeal Dennis' decision.

"Mack wants to go back to have a trial in this matter. That's what he indicated to me," Brooks said.

Authorities maintain Mack killed 28-year-old Waring, a former friend, at his James Island home by torturing her with a stun gun, hitting her head with a wine bottle and dumping her into a water-filled bathtub.

Mack's wife, Heather Angelica Kamp, 34, pleaded guilty but mentally ill to murder in 2011 for Waring's killing. She is currently serving a 39-year prison sentence and will not be eligible for parole.

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