— A second Spartanburg man received a 10-year sentence for what authorities have called a plot to randomly shoot at and kill people.

Mattison Tyler Schomer, 18, was sentenced on Thursday, according to the Herald-Journal of Spartanburg. Schomer previously pleaded no contest to three counts of attempted murder.

He and another man were arrested last summer. Sheriff Chuck Wright said a 19-year-old woman was shot in the back with a 30.06 rifle fired from a field near a convenience store. Another man was shot at while pressure-washing gas pumps.

Bryan Marion Holder, 21, was sentenced last month to 40 years in prison on charges including aggravated assault and battery and first-degree assault. Holder said previously the pair was doing target practice but denied shooting at anyone.

In court Thursday, Schomer’s attorney said his client was a people pleaser with a good upbringing but changed after his father committed suicide nine years ago. After that, said attorney Brac Turnipseed, Schomer was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression and didn’t get the right treatment for either condition.

During the sentencing hearing, Schomer talked about his father’s death and apologized for the shootings.

At the time of the shootings, Schomer was already on probation for nonviolent second-degree burglary and petit larceny and had been sentenced under the state’s Youthful Offender Act. On Thursday, a judge revoked Schomer’s probation and imposed an indefinite sentence not to exceed six years, after which he will begin his sentence for crimes related to the shootings.