N. Charleston standoff ends with one man in custody

Police officers surrounded the home in which a man threatened to harm himself after noon.

A two-hour standoff in North Charleston has ended with one man in custody.

Police officers had surrounded the home in which a man threatened to harm himself after noon. The scene was at the Fairmont Mobile Home Park on Remount Road between Attaway and Blackwell streets.

Police spokesman Spencer Pryor said a potentially suicidal person was inside the home.

SWAT team members busted a window in front of the home and later yelled inside. The man came through a back door and was handcuffed around 3:30 p.m.

He was later taken away by ambulance for a mental-health evaluation. No criminal charges were expected.

“After about an hour or so of negotiations, officers were able to convince the subject to exit the residence,” Pryor said. “He was unharmed and transported to Mobile Crisis for treatment.”

Officers with their guns drawn had set up a perimeter around the home. Snipers kneeled on the ground beside neighboring homes.

After earlier contact by telephone, a negotiator using a voice amplifier tried to coax the man out. The negotiator asked the man to put down any weapons that might be inside.

“I need you to come outside so we can help you,” she said. “Can you give us a sign that everything’s OK?

“I can’t help you unless we do this together.”

Residents on nearby Blackwell Street gathered in backyards, commented on SWAT team members’ tactics and hoped that the situation would end quickly. The mobile home park was not evacuated, but police officers blocked traffic through the property.