MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Angry Myrtle Beach residents want city officials to do something about the recent violence in the area.

Dozens of people appeared before Myrtle Beach City Council on Tuesday urging leaders to curb the violence that left three people dead and seven injured in five Memorial Day weekend shootings.

Thousands of people went to the shore over the weekend for the holiday during which the Atlantic Beach Bikefest and Myrtle Beach's Military Appreciation Days were held. About 30 people addressed council saying something must be done.

One downtown resident said she felt like a hostage in her home. She said hundreds of people gathered in her yard and they became combative when she asked them to leave.

Mayor John Rhodes says the city is working on the problem and just did not have the manpower to handle the visitors.

"There's not going to be a magic wand to solve those issues," Councilman Wayne Gray said. "We're going to be working with all of the resources we have."

Three people were shot Saturday night at the Bermuda Sands Resort.

Ray Booth, the manager of hotel, said it is the onlookers, not bikers, who are causing problems during BikeFest weekend.

"You can't keep people from coming to the beach. They have a right to come. But when they come they need to act like responsible citizens. That's all we're asking," he said.

Officers responded late Saturday to a fight outside the Bermuda Sands and three shots were fired, wounding a man.

Police say the shooter then went to the second floor of the hotel and shot the three people who died. The shooter is thought to have fled from the back of the hotel. No arrests have been made.