Myrtle Beach council, Clemson trustees join call for removal of Statehouse flag

File/Grace Beahm/Staff

Myrtle Beach City Council and the Clemson University board of trustees have joined the chorus of South Carolina officials calling for removal of the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds in Columbia.

Local media outlets reported that the Myrtle Beach council voted in a special meeting Monday to encourage state lawmakers to remove the flag, which is seen on towels, swimwear and T-shirts sold in shops along the Grand Strand.

Mayor John Rhodes said the symbol of the Confederacy should not be forgotten. He says there is no law preventing the sale of towels and other articles showing the flag. But Rhodes says the flag should not be featured on the grounds of the Statehouse. He says it should be placed in a museum describing the history of the Confederacy.

Also Monday, the Clemson University board of trustees unanimously passed a resolution calling for the flag to be removed and taken to a location suitable for displaying an historic symbol.

A survey of lawmakers by The Post and Courier of Charleston, the South Carolina Press Association and The Associated Press shows there is enough legislative support to remove the flag if all supporters vote.

On Saturday, a black activist removed the flag but it was raised a short time later. And on Monday one man was arrested on the Statehouse grounds following a dispute between flag supporters and those who want it lowered.