Music, movie mogul docks mega-yacht at City Marina

David Geffen's yacht at the City Marina. (Prentiss Findlay/

Billionaire David Geffen, a philanthropist who made his fortune in the entertainment business, docked his mega-yacht Saturday at the Charleston City Marina.

The 454-foot-long, five-story Rising Sun drew locals who marveled at its dimensions. It is described as the 10th-largest yacht in the world.

“That is easily the biggest one I have ever seen,” said Rutledge Webb.

Zandrina Riley said she was driving when she saw the vessel. “It's gorgeous. I had to at least take a picture. I can't even imagine having that much money,” she said.

The $200 million ship is reported to have 82 rooms, an extensive wine cellar, a movie theater and basketball court that doubles as a helicopter landing pad.

Out-of-towners such as Bill McKinnon of Pensacola, Fla., were impressed.

“Mostly the size and what it would cost to run something like that,” he said.

Geffen first made his name in music. His clients included John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Donna Summer, the Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Guns N' Roses and Nirvana. He later co-founded DreamWorks, a movie studio and production company whose releases include “Amistad,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Antz” and the TV sitcom “Spin City.”

Last year, Geffen pledged $100 million to the University of California at Los Angeles to create a scholarship which covers the cost of a medical education for the school's top-performing students. A decade ago he gave $200 million to the medical school, which is now named for him. In April, he donated $25 million to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Film Museum to be housed next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.