MUSC Board considers new hospital donations, tuition increase

The final design for the new MUSC women’s and children’s hospital hasn’t been approved, but the building, pictured here, will mimic the look of the Ashley River Tower, located next door.

Medical University of South Carolina fundraisers are courting two donors that may offer $25 million pledges for the new women’s and children’s hospital.

Jim Fisher, vice president of development and alumni affairs, told the MUSC Board of Trustees on Thursday that his department is working multiple fronts to raise at least $50 million in private funds for the $350 million project.

Two “individuals, corporations, foundations” have expressed interest in making very large donations, Fisher said. He did not disclose their names.

“Will it happen? I don’t know,” he said.

The board would consider offering naming rights for the new hospital in exchange for a $25 million donation.

To date, MUSC has raised about $15 million for the project, which includes a $5 million Boeing pledge. The new building will be largely paid for with state funds and a federal loan.

It is expected to open on the corner of Calhoun Street and Courtenay Drive by fall 2019.

In other business, the Board of Trustees is expected to approve on Friday tuition increases for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Many in-state and out-of-state students in the Colleges of Dental Medicine, Graduate Studies, Health Professions, Nursing and Pharmacy will likely face 2 percent to 3 percent tuition increases for the upcoming academic year, depending on their degree programs.

“This has been consistent ... the last four years,” said MUSC Provost Mark Sothmann. “We’ve been very much trying to keep our tuition increases at reasonable rates.”

Medical school students, who already pay about $17,000 a semester for in-state tuition and $30,000 a semester for out-of-state tuition, will not pay more next year.

MUSC medical school students typically graduate with more debt than medical students at most other schools in the United States.

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