A motorcyclist posted a video on YouTube where he’s shown taunting Goose Creek Police while he appears to be speeding on the road.

The video, titled “Who stops for Goose Creek City Police,” was posted by user ‘Tyler D’ on June 21 on the popular video-sharing site.

The video is from the view of the driver, whose camera appears to be mounted on his helmet or bike. It shows a Goose Creek Police cruiser driving by, and then text appears on the screen that says “Uh-oh...I think he wants to turn around on me. Decisions decisions!”

The account’s profile photo is a young man with a camouflage bandana wrapped around his face, only exposing his eyes while standing in front of a garage.

The account also has videos posted showing bike stunts and another video uploaded on May 18 in which the motorcyclist is pulled over by a North Charleston Police officer after a woman reported him to officers for an alleged road rage incident.

That incident involving the woman driver shows her yelling at the motorcyclist. He then drives his bike up to the woman’s car, which was stopped in traffic, and she begins to curse at him. He replies by saying “Oh goodness. Oh goodness. You’re going on YouTube.”

Goose Creek Police Capt. John Grainger said they had no record of a motorcycle pursuit dating back to March. “Without date/time information, I can’t confirm any attempt to stop this motorcycle by our officers,” he stated in an email.