It’s eerie out there for the height of the hurricane season. A tropical storm and a gale were spinning well out to sea Thursday with no threat to the coast. The only cyclones to threaten the Lowcountry so far this year have been tropical storms Alberto and Beryl, way back in May.

No storms appear to be ready to form in forecasting models that predict a week or two ahead. It’s shaping up to be another quiet year for us, so far.

So, it’s a little incongruous to bring up that on this night, in 1989, Hurricane Hugo slammed ashore centered over Breach Inlet and left the place in splinters.

Two years from now, it will be a quarter century since the night that was forever imprinted in the minds of the people who were here.

A lot has changed. The region is far more prepared to face the landfall of a devastating hurricane.

But there are a lot more people, and a lot more property, in the way.

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