Moore shot in back outside club, police say

Tyrone Moore Jr. in an undated family photo. He was shot outside a James Island nightclub Saturday. He died at Medical University Hospital.

When Nicholas Jamal Frazier ran outside the Lake House Club early Saturday morning, he never expected to find his longtime friend, the brother of NFL Falcon player Roddy White, lying face down on the ground and bleeding from a gunshot wound to the back.

Frazier, a 27-year-old Johns Island man, had planned to meet up with his friend, Tyrone Dandre Moore Jr., for a night of partying at the remote James Island club on Mosquito Beach Road.

The good time was interrupted, Frazier said, when someone ran inside and yelled that shots had been fired in the parking lot.

Sheriff's deputies identified Moore, of Ben Road, as the shooting's only victim. Moore died while seeking treatment at Medical University Hospital for a gunshot wound to his upper back. He was only 21.

"I never thought it would be him," Frazier said Monday in an interview.

He didn't hear the gunshots that killed his friend. The music inside the club drowned out the sound, he said.

Loud music and other disturbances aren't unusual at the club.

Since Nov. 6, 2005, police have visited 2225 Mosquito Beach Road more than 1,250 times, according to Charleston County Sheriff's Office records. That includes near-daily patrols of the area, which often occurred between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., but it is unclear from the reports whether the patrol requests were initiated by the club, neighbors or the police.

The calls also included numerous reports of suspicious people or vehicles, at least 18 calls involving drugs, and more than 35 incidents that included weapons, assaults, disturbances or reports of gunshots.

On Sunday, when Frazier headed outside, the crowd of partygoers began to scatter. He scanned the area and was shaken at the sight of Moore lying on the side of the road, he said.

Frazier ran toward his friend and attempted to talk to him. He said the wounded man was breathing, but unresponsive.

Frazier said that in the heat of the moment he took off his shirt, which was stained with Moore's blood, and tossed it. Investigators later found the shirt on the nightclub's roof, according to an incident report.

According to Frazier, Moore was outgoing and well-liked by many. He loved to play football, like his brother, and softball. Frazier said he couldn't think of a reason why anyone would want him dead. "I never knew him to have any problems with anybody ... I'm just sorry that this happened to him at a young and early age," Frazier said.

Authorities have not made any arrests in connection with the shooting. None of the partygoers would provide information about what had happened or information on who may have shot Moore, a report stated.

Moore was twice arrested in February and charged with felony possession of cocaine and cocaine base, State Law Enforcement Division records show. He was out on bail pending trial when he was killed, court records show.

According to deputies, Moore was found lying next to a parked car, that was parallel to the roadway outside of the club.

Two relatives of Moore told investigators he drove that car to the club but they didn't know if he had shown up alone, the report stated.

The two family members said they were inside the club when the shooting took place and that they did not know why it occurred, according to the report.

Deputies reported seeing a man, whom they identified as Frazier, arguing with security while they were trying to disperse the crowd. A deputy heard the man arguing with another group of men, exchanging profanities, according to the report. The man was told by the group he didn't belong there, the report stated.

Investigators found three shell casings behind Moore's car, a few feet from where Moore was found on the ground, according to authorities.

Moore, who is White's half-brother, had lived with the Falcons receiver in Atlanta for several years and was attending high school there in 2008, according to published reports.

Moore and White, 32, were raised by their mother, Joenethia White, in a house not far from James Island Charter High School, where Roddy was a student-athlete.

White was expected to arrive at the family's James Island home Sunday night.

The family declined to speak with The Post and Courier.

Brenda Rindge contributed to this story.