Mom: Son’s injury due to crying


The mother of a 5-month-old child hospitalized with a severe head injury told police she assumed the blood building behind her son’s eyes came from excessive crying, police said.

Hanahan police on Thursday charged Rachael Felicia Enciso, 30, and her boyfriend, Derek Allan Stilson, 23, both of Murray Drive, with unlawful conduct toward a child. A judge on Friday set bail at $20,000 for each parent.

Police reports detail a previous hospital stint in November because of a hand-shaped bruise on the boy’s upper abdomen.

Stilson told doctors the bruise likely came from him holding his son in the air, reports stated.

He was rough with the boy at times, Stilson said, but only because that’s how a father plays with his son. He told a female detective she likely would have handled the boy with more care because women are gentler with children, police said.

Stilson later admitted to police that on Feb. 19 he slammed the child on the living room floor out of anger because he wouldn’t stop crying. The act caused the child to be hospitalized again, this time in critical condition with a fractured skull.

Stilson was charged with infliction of great bodily injury to a child and held at the Berkeley County jail pending a $250,000 bail on that charge.

The child’s skull fracture caused blood to build behind the child’s retinas before his being hospitalized, police said.

Enciso told police she assumed her son had only burst a blood vessel in his eye from excessive crying.

She recalled forgetting to open her bedroom door to hear her son’s cries shortly before the redness appeared, police said. The boy could have strained himself while crying through the night and she wouldn’t have known, Enciso told police.

Doctors later discovered that the boy also had a fractured leg, which had already started to heal. The couple did not seek medical care for the injury, despite noticing that the child would not put weight on the leg, police said.

Lt. Michael Fowler said Tuesday that a series of seizures that the child endured had recently stopped and his condition has improved.

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