Mobile home park families urged to prepare to move

Trailwood mobile Home park in North Charleston. ( Leroy Burnell/ 4/27/2012 )

While the Trailwood Mobile Park appears unlikely to be rezoned anytime soon, its owner has indicated that he still expects to sell the property, so its 400 or so families ought to consider where they will move next.

Douglas Truluck of Truluck Properties, which owns the vast park off western Montague Avenue and Dorchester Road in North Charleston, recently sent a letter to residents saying they should prepare to move between November and February 2013.

The property is wedged between Charleston International Airport, West Montague Avenue and Dorchester Road. It has room for more than 700 mobile homes, and about 420 families currently call it home.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said families there are on a month-to-month lease, and there is not much the city can do.

“What we’ve tried to tell them is we have no control over the selling of the property and no control over the new owners telling (the residents) to leave the property,” he said Friday.

The city does control the zoning, and Summey said he has encouraged the would-be buyer to withdraw its current request for light industrial until there are more details about what industry might go there.

“We don’t give zoning unless we know what’s coming,” he said.

But even if the rezoning falls through, the property’s sale to a California investment group likely will not, said Elizabeth Boineau, a Truluck spokeswoman.

Boineau noted that several other mobile home parks are offering rent credits, free hook up and other benefits. Residents with questions are asked to call 552-3600.

Reach Robert Behre at 937-5771.