U.S. Air Force Sgt. Craig Martin and his dog Benny shared a sleeping bag during their tour of duty in Afghanistan.

“We were always together,” he said.

The military dog is retired, but his bond with Martin remains strong as ever. Benny now lives with his handler, who adopted him in January.

“He earned a spot on the couch. He’s a old man. He likes to chill out, watch the birds, watch the squirrels,” Martin said.

Martin trains dogs for the 628th Security Forces Squadron. On Thursday, a Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd showed off for the press as part of National Police Week at Joint Base Charleston.

“We just wanted to invite everybody out here to see what we’re doing,” Martin said.

During the exhibition, the canines took turns chasing down a mock adversary. Their jaws locked onto a heavily-padded man who spun around so quickly that the dogs went airborne. After coming back to Earth, they turned their combatant loose on command.

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