A man who told Charleston County Sheriff’s deputies that he had been stabbed in the hand by the mother of his child was himself arrested after investigators concluded he was the aggressor.

According to the Sheriff’s Office Ramon O. Thomas, 28, of 4325 Leslie Street in unincorporated North Charleston, got into a confrontation with the Quanisha Rolling, also 28, who lives on the same block.

Thomas assaulted Rolling outside her home, striking her head against a door, then forced his way inside and continued to assault her, until she kicked him in the groin, grabbed a knife, and chased him out, a Sheriff’s Office report.

Thomas was cut, authorities believe, when he tried to grab the knife.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Thomas also threw part of a brick through the window of the home, narrowly missing both Rolling and their one-year-old child.

Thomas was arrested on charges of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, second degree burglary, and unlawful conduct towards a child.

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