A man was shot while breaking into someone’s shed in Colleton County last night, according to investigators.

The shooting occurred just before midnight at 1772 Smyly Road.

The homeowner heard a noise coming from his shed and saw someone coming out of the shed with something in his hand, officials said.

The homeowner told deputies he fired a warning shot and when the suspect came toward him, the homeowner fired another shot, officials said.

The suspect ran off toward Smyly Road, according to investigators.

Deputies later found an empty car near the area with a large amount of blood on the driver’s seat and door frame, according to officials.

The suspect went to the Colleton Regional Medical Center for treatment of a gunshot wound to the thigh and pelvic area, investigators said.

“It’s unfortunate that someone was shot in this case, however, the home owner has the right to protect himself and his property. The Sheriff’s Office will not be seeking charges against the home owner for the shooting.” said Sheriff Strickland in a statement.

The investigation is continuing in reference to charges for the burglary, investigators said.

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