This year, one of the Lowcountry’s largest swimming pools will be open year-round not only to help competitive swimmers train but also to teach students how to swim.

The $1 million project to heat and cover North Charleston’s Danny Jones pool has many fathers, and they all lined up at the pool’s edge earlier today to talk about taking the area’s swimming to a new level.

Marco Cavazzoni, a former Olympic swimmer for Canada who now works at North Charleston’s Boeing plant, helped raise about $250,000 in private money to match contributions from North Charleston, Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

He noted viewers across the Lowcountry will watch swimmers compete at the Olympics this summer. “Wouldn’t it be cool a little while from now to be cheering of our own Lowcountry swimmers?” he asked.

But the pool improvement also will make the 50-meter-long pool available year-round to give basic swimming lessons to local school children.

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