EDITOR’S NOTE: The Post and Courier plans to profile all 18 Republican and Democratic 1st Congressional District candidates by the March 19 primaries. This is the 15th installment.



Keith Blandford, a military veteran and Sullivan’s Island businessman, freely admits he might be one of the oddest candidates of the 16 seeking the Republican nomination in the 1st Congressional District.

During his appearances at candidate forums, he notes, “I have not asked for their vote — not even just once.”

Ask him what he was doing during a recent forum, and he will give an honest answer: “I was playing Angry Birds.”

Blandford, who ran for the seat only four months ago as a Libertarian, said he is mostly in the race to spread a message about liberty, the danger of the Federal Reserve, and how individuals can keep the country strong as it goes bankrupt.

It’s a message that U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has spread during his past two campaigns as a Republican presidential candidate.

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