Judge rebukes suspect’s mom

Darnell Seagers, murder suspect, had his bond revoked today in court after proescutors accused him of violating the bond.

A Charleston County judge wanted to make sure he was the one who would decide whether to revoke 22-year-old Darnell Seagers’ bond.

In May, Circuit Judge Thomas Hughston had released Seagers, who is charged with murder, on $100,000 bail.

Just three months later, Seagers was accused of another crime, and the judge was concerned that Seagers’ mother had not been obeying orders to keep an eye on him.

Hughston had placed the North Charleston man on house arrest and instructed his mother, Sheila Seagers, that her son needed to be with someone at their home at all times.

Instead, Seagers reportedly went to West Ashley and robbed Joshua LaChance on Aug. 30, prosecutors said. LaChance was under the impression that he was going to buy marijuana from Seagers, police have said. Their meeting ended violently when Seagers took LaChance’s money and struck him in the head with a .380-caliber pistol, according to prosecutors.

During a bond-revocation hearing Friday, Hughston confronted Seagers’ mother about a statement she had made to The Post and Courier after the robbery. She told the newspaper that her son wasn’t on a satellite monitor and that she works a night shift and isn’t always home to keep an eye on him.

“I never made a statement to the paper,” she told the judge, denying the report.

Despite her claim, Hughston told her there was enough evidence to justify revoking Seagers’ bond. The judge also said he was considering hitting her with contempt charges.

“I’ll make a decision at a later date to decide if any action against you is justified,” he said.

While prosecutors believe Seagers is the man who robbed LaChance, based on statements made by the victim, the case has become complicated.

Following the robbery, LaChance told investigators he had been robbed by “Bam.” Police knew the nickname belonged to Seagers, 9th Circuit Assistant Solicitor Greg Voigt said in court.

A cellphone number provided by LaChance was also connected to Seagers, Voigt said. But during his bond court hearing last week, LaChance had a change of heart and denied that Seagers robbed him.

“We don’t believe what the victim said in this particular regard,” Voigt said in court. “This victim has been intimidated by the situation or by the code of the street. He decided he was going to go to bond court and not identify Seagers.”

LaChance was arrested at last week’s bond hearing, accused of conspiracy to violate narcotics laws.

Seagers will remain in jail until the murder trial, for which he is accused of fatally shooting 20-year-old Travis Antwan Anderson in 2010 in downtown Charleston.

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