U.S. Rep. James Clyburn read Marjory Wentworth’s poem, “One River, One Boat,” into the Congressional Record Wednesday, saying he thought the poem should not have been cut from Gov. Nikki Haley’s second inauguration ceremony.

“In keeping with the tradition of the First Amendment, a law deeply ingrained in the core of American values,” Clyburn said. “I would like to put into the Congressional Record the poem, “One River, One Boat.” This poem was written by South Carolina’s Poet Laureate, Marjory Wentworth, in anticipation of reading it at today’s gubernatorial inauguration. It illustrates the history of my home state, and ponders a look at the path the state seems to be embarking upon, going forward.”

Clyburn, a Democrat who represents South Carolina’s 6th Congressional District, went on to say that Wentworth recited a poem at three previous gubernatorial inaugurations, but was told this year that her recital had been cut for lack of time.

“I believe it is wrong to not include this prolific artistic expression in this year’s ceremony,” Clyburn said.

He then read the poem, in its entirety, on the House floor.

Clyburn’s office tweeted about putting the poem into the record and posted a video of his floor speech to YouTube.