Jersey man charged with exposing himself to Charleston Place hotel guard

Adam Gollatz, 25, of New Jersey, accused of exposing himself to a security guard at Charleston Place hotel on Sunday. Provided.

A 25-year-old New Jersey man is accused of exposing himself and waving his private parts at a security guard at Charleston Place hotel on Sunday.

Adam Gollatz of Williamstown, N.J., is charged with indecent exposure, police said. A police report indicates he has been staying at U.S. Navy’s nuclear training school in Goose Creek.

The guard at the Market Street hotel told police a man approached him around 2:45 a.m. and exposed himself. When the guard started to call police, the man zipped up his pants and left, a police report stated.

Officers stopped the man at King and Wentworth streets, noting that he had taken his shoes and shirt off in an attempt to evade police, the report stated.

Police said Gollatz was grossly intoxicated and would not explain why he had exposed himself to the guard, the report stated.