100 jeer Berkeley County deputies during drug shed search, officials say

Mary Veronica Baylock

Hoping to create a distraction, about 100 people jeered at Berkeley County deputies preparing to search a shed last week before someone firebombed the building, incident reports stated.

The deputies said they extinguished the blaze and saved the evidence inside: 6 pounds of marijuana, cocaine and four guns.

At least six people were arrested, though most face minor charges of creating the commotion. Chief Deputy Mike Cochran said further charges were expected.

The reports released Monday by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office provided these details of the confrontation that grew dangerous at times:

Around 7:40 p.m. Friday, a patrol deputy saw what looked like a drug purchase between occupants of a Ford pickup and men standing along Rutt Lane near Goose Creek.

When the deputy walked up to the men, he smelled marijuana. One of the men escaped into the woods. One ran to the shed near 363 Rutt Lane.

The man then walked toward the deputy in an “aggressive manor,” the lawman later wrote. The deputy held him at bay with a Taser until backup arrived and handcuffed him. Gabriel Aron Cash, 23, was arrested on a charge of resisting arrest.

The deputies then sensed a strong smell of marijuana. They looked through a window of the shed and saw “drug paraphernalia.”

The owner of the nearby home told the deputies that her son, Darrell Christopher Baylock, 29, lived in the shed and had a key. Baylock, though, demanded to see a search warrant.

Several family members tried to “intimidate” the deputies as they waited for a warrant. The crowd grew to 100 people, they said. Several came toward the deputies “using aggressive gestures, loud and boisterous profanity and encouraging the crowd to riot.”

Four women were arrested on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge: Ebonee Marie Myers, 29; Shaquan Denise Baylock, 24; Mary Veronica Baylock, 20; and Patricia Ann Myers, 48. Their addresses were not disclosed in the reports.

Rapid gunfire went off several houses away.

The deputies figured all this activity was meant to distract them from the shed. One man, identified as Tyerec Baylock, was yelling and cursing when someone else ran up and threw a Molotov cocktail — a makeshift incendiary device typically made of a bottle, fuel and a cloth wick — at the shed, setting it on fire.

As deputies used extinguishers to snuff out the blaze, they said Tyerec Baylock ran up from behind them “as if to attack us.” They shocked him with a Taser. He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with officers.

With the fire out, the deputies went inside the shed and found the marijuana, about 4 ounces of cocaine, 14 grams of crack cocaine, a shotgun and three handguns, one of which had been stolen.

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