James Island man convicted of animal neglect after mastiff found malnourished, underweight

The owner of this dog, Miles Davis, was convicted Tuesday of animal neglect after the pet was found severely malnourished and underweight.

A 25-year-old James Island man was convicted Tuesday of animal neglect stemming from a case last month when his 10-year-old mastiff was found malnourished and 75 pounds underweight.

Christian Jorgen Fahnoe of Dills Bluff Road, was sentenced in Charleston Municipal Court to 30 days in jail, which was suspended, as long as he pays a $500 fine and reimburses Charleston Animal Society $1,530 within six months for the medical care the pet received, according to the organization.

Charleston Animal Society also won legal custody of the dog, now named Miles Davis.

Miles had been living in a closet littered with garbage, glass and feces in Fahnoe’s home, according the organization and a police report.

When he was rescued by Charleston police officers, he weighed 75 pounds, when he should have weighed about 150 pounds. Miles also was dehydrated and had a serious skin condition and other ailments, according to the Charleston Animal Society.

“Charleston Animal Society was in court today to be the voice for Miles and every other animal in our community,” said Aldwin Roman, director of Anti-Cruelty and Outreach. “The outpouring of support for Miles has been overwhelming.”

Hundreds of people have stepped forward offering to adopt Miles and he will be placed in a new home as soon as he is healthy enough, a media release states. Spokeswoman Kay Hyman said he could go to a new home as early as this weekend.

Miles has gained 23 pounds since late March under intensive care and he’s been on a regimented nutrition plan, overseen by Charleston Animal Society veterinarians.

“We care for animals like Miles every single day, and we currently have 80 adult dogs who need (to be) adopted,” said Lucy Fuller, a veterinarian and Charleston Animal Society director of public health and spay/neuter initiatives. “If you want to so something meaningful for Miles, and all of the animals in our care, please adopt one of our adult dogs, or donate to our medical fund called ‘Toby’s Fund.’”

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