James Island high school students with BB gun and stun gun charged

Al Cannon Detention Center Kayissa Monique Green and Sean Alan Nettles

Two James Island Charter High School students were arrested in separate incidents Monday and charged with having weapons on school property.

One of them had a stun gun, and the other had a BB gun in his car, according to the incident report from Charleston police.

Kayissa Monique Green, 18, was arrested after staff reported that students were playing with a stun gun in the cafeteria Monday morning, according to the incident report. Green told an officer she had the stun gun in her bag in Myrtle Beach over the weekend and forgot to take it out. She was charged with having a weapon on school property.

Sean Alan Nettles, 17, and another student were arguing Monday morning after the student accused Nettles of taking something from his house, according to the incident report. The student reported that Nettles threatened to shoot him if he kept bothering him, and a search ensued. An officer found what looked like a semiautomatic handgun in the driver’s door pocket. It turned out to be a Crossman CO2-powered BB gun, according to the report. Nettles was charged with carrying a weapon on school grounds and simple assault.

State law distinguishes between lethal firearms and BB guns or stun guns. Carrying any sort of weapon capable of hurting somebody on school grounds is a felony that’s punishable by a fine up to $1,000 and up to five years in prison.

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