Residents living near the intersection of Maybank Highway and Woodland Shores Road on James Island already were feeling fatigued when they learned Tuesday their fight to quash a zoning change that they thought would lead to intense development wasn’t over.

Dozens of residents of the neighborhood near Riverland Terrace for the third time showed up to let Charleston County Council know they opposed a zoning change on the 22-acre property at the intersection of Maybank Highway, Woodland Shores Road and Wappoo Drive. The change from “planned development” to “community commercial” zoning had been approved on the first two readings. But many residents were hoping it would be stopped before it became final.

Instead, the matter was deferred until County Council’s June 5 meeting because developer J.L.W. Maybank 1 LLC, asked that the item be withdrawn from the agenda to give the group more time to meet with neighborhood residents.

Jim Morrisette, who lives on Wappoo Drive, said the deferral was “too open-ended.” There is no official neighborhood organization that represents the area, he said, so he has no idea who the developers plan to meet with or how they plan to contact residents. “It’s not fair,” he said.

County planner Dan Pennick said that if approved, the zoning change could lead to more intense development because “community commercial” zoning allows more uses for the property.

Ruth Yack, who has lived in the neighborhood for the past 12 years, was hoping the matter would be resolved Tuesday. Neighborhood residents are getting tired of coming out to meetings, she said.

She’s afraid that if the zoning is changed, larger businesses, such as a “big-box drugstore,” will be built there.

That will create more traffic, make the area less safe and erode residents’ quality of life, she said. “I think the whole thing would be a train wreck traffic-wise.”

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