Is man in photo missing captain?

The U.S. Coast Guard believes a boat captain who may have been on board a yacht that was discovered in pieces in Florida last month could have stopped in Charleston, according to officials.

Another man’s body was found among that wreckage.

Friday afternoon, the Coast Guard released a photograph taken from a surveillance camera at the Charleston City Marina on Feb. 22. Officials said they believe the man in the photo is a boat captain who was aboard the vessel “On the Weigh,” which was found destroyed Feb. 24 on the St. Johns River in Florida.

The Coast Guard recovered the body of Venezuelan national, Guillermo Gonzalez Losada, 49, among the wreckage, and officials have identified two other Venezuelan men believed to have been aboard. But officials said they have not been able to gather any additional information about the captain who reportedly was also on board.

Coast Guard crews searched for 56 hours for survivors. Losada’s body was the only one recovered. The other two Venezuelan men, as well as the mysterious American captain, remain missing, officials said.

Family and friends of the Venezuelan men told Coast Guard officials that the boat’s owner, Chong Kang Lum Valles, had recently bought it in South Carolina and hired an American boat captain, whose first name they said is Larry, to help transport the boat.

They said they do not know the boat captain’s last name or where he is from. Officials believe the three Venezuelan men and the captain were heading to Aruba.

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