IOP visit planned for HBO series ‘Vice Principals’

The new Danny McBride comedy “Vice Principals” is planning to film on the Isle of Palms.

The new HBO series “Vice Principals” is going to Isle of Palms for a few days of filming, if City Council approves.

The show wants to work in the beachfront commercial district Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 4, 5 and 6. Council will consider the request Sept. 22, according to the agenda for a special council meeting.

Council will consider whether the production could disrupt life and business as usual on the island, said Mayor Dick Cronin. The council also wants to ensure that the city’s image is properly presented in the show. The council Public Safety Committee has recommended approval, he said.

The IOP filmmaker fee is $200 for the first day and then $100 per day. The producers are required to get a city business license and have insurance.

“They’re going to be using our parking lot for staging. I don’t know whether they’re going to be on the beach or standing on a beach access path,” Cronin said.

Filming for the 18 episodes already approved has been going on in the Charleston area since June and is expected to wrap up at the end of October, said Dan Rogers of the S.C. Film Commission.

The Danny McBride-led comedy is about high school life and the adventures of a group of vice principals. It is scheduled to debut next year.