A Charleston County jail inmate got another 30 days tacked onto his sentence when he cursed in front of a judge Thursday.

Mark L. Swinton, 24, of Mole Lane in North Charleston has been in jail since late January on charges including attempted murder. He was in bond court Thursday after being accused of spitting in a guard’s face. Magistrate Linda Lombard set a $30,000 bond on the charge of throwing bodily fluids by a prisoner, and Swinton started getting combative. Live 5 News recorded the interchange.

“$30,000 ain’t (expletive),” Swinton said as he was walking out of the room where bond hearings are broadcast to the judge. “When I get out, I’m going to get that charge dismissed, (expletive)!”

Lombard told Swinton to come back and apologize to the court.

“Why?” Swinton asked. “You going to give me about 10 more days in county jail? That don’t hurt anything.”

“You will apologize to this court or I will give you 30 days in jail,” Lombard said.

Swinton refused to apologize, and Lombard gave him another 30 days.

“Don’t nobody care about no 30 days, girl,” Swinton said as two guards ushered him out of the room.

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