Home is where the hive was

Eric “Critter” McCool of McCool Wildlife Services removed a huge hive and at least 60,000 honeybees from a home off Butternut Drive in Summerville on Wednesday.

SUMMERVILLE — A home off Butternut Drive just lost some buzz — at least 60,000 honeybees and one mammoth hive.

Eric “Critter” McCool of McCool Wildlife Services removed the 5-foot-long hive from an overhang in the house. McCool, who’s carved a reputation separating the monsters from their unwitting hosts, took a bee hive big enough to stuff the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle from a camper in Berkeley County in 2014.

This job ended sweetly. The bees were relocated to a beekeeper, McCool said. So was about 40 pounds of honey.

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