MOUNT PLEASANT — The developer of a large retail complex planned on about 40 acres across from Towne Centre plans to meet Friday morning with opponents of the project at a Wando Lakes home.

The opponents said they appreciate the gesture but doubt that it will change their minds about the “big box” retail development.

Wando Lakes resident Leah Cloyd said she helped to arrange the meeting with developer and I’On Village resident Ben Henrich at the home of Jamie and Damon Meek on Babington Way.

Cloyd said she knows that Henrich is earnestly trying to address the homeowners’ concerns but added that she was skeptical about more meetings changing homeowner opposition.

Noise, traffic and lighting are “huge concerns,” she said. “I don’t really think that he can mitigate all our concerns,” she said.

Last month, Henrich withdrew the project application at Town Hall because of public opposition.

Henrich has announced changes to the project such as reducing the square-footage by 10 percent and increasing noise-dampening vegetation between the three proposed retailers and adjoining residents. If the project is built, a home improvement store, a sporting goods retailer and a discount wholesale retail outlet would be there.

“We appreciate that he’s taking a better approach this time,” said Damon Meek. However, Meek said that even after the meeting he expected he would still be against commercial development of the piece of property known as the Gregg Tract.

Wando Lakes homeowners found out about the project in the newspaper, Cloyd said.

Surrounding neighborhoods such as Wando Lakes, Wando East, Snee Farm and Montclair have expressed concern about the development.

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