SUMMERVILLE — Sometimes growth causes problems you can’t easily fix. Or even find.

More than 80 residents in the Gum and Magnolia streets’ historic district neighborhood plan to petition Town Council Wednesday for traffic control. They’re seeking a series of traffic control and pedestrian improvements because “our streets are being used by commuters and heavy trucks to bypass the stop lights on Main and Berlin Myers (Parkway), often at speeds exceeding the 30 mph limit,” said Peter Gorman, a resident.

He said traffic is as bad as it was before the parkway was built — to detour traffic from the side roads off South Main Street. The worst of the trouble comes at morning and evening commuter hours, he said.

The residents want more stop signs, pedestrian crosswalks, even speed humps.

The only problem is, town police staked out the neighborhood for a week to check the extent of the problem and found ... um, not much.

Not a single moving violation was written, for speeding or anything else, said Capt. Jon Rogers. Truck traffic wasn’t unusually heavy.

Even if the town wanted to do something to keep traffic out, it couldn’t do much, Mayor Bill Collins pointed out. Magnolia Street is a state through-road.

“People are frustrated by the traffic,” he said. “But we’ve got this issue all over town. And it’s not just us. It’s all over the Lowcountry.”

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