GOOSE CREEK — Two people who robbed Port City Liquor are being sought by police as well as a third person who was driving a car used in the crime.

The suspects who entered the store at 405 Redbank Road late Wednesday afternoon are described in a police report as small-framed individuals wearing dark clothing, possibly masks and dark pants.

After viewing store surveillance video, police said the small four-door car used in the crime is tan or silver in color and has a large dent in the lower half of the rear passenger door. There is also a dent in the rear top edge of the trunk to the right of the third brake light.

During the holdup, one of the individuals, who appeared to have a small handgun, told two store workers, “This is a stick-up,” police said.

The robbers took an undisclosed amount of money from a cash register and then demanded money from a second cash register. When they were told the second register could not be opened without first retrieving a key, the two suspects fled, police said.