Goose Creek police released video surveillance from inside Two Keys Tavern, where employees allegedly beat a customer with a broken pool cue, held customers against their will and took their money.

The video shows one man strike another man over the head with the stick. The stricken man then falls to the floor, while another man hustles to his aid.

Police reviewed the video before arresting three bar employees in connection with the April 21 incident. They picked up 41-year-old Summerville resident Gary Eugene Long, 30-year-old North Charleston resident Golden Luis Deleon and 35-year-old Summerville resident Timothy Dale Lawhorn on six counts of kidnapping and two counts of armed robbery with a deadly weapon.

Long and Lawhorn also face two counts each of first-degree assault and battery, according to police. Two Key Tavern owner Mark Keller released a statement Friday, announcing that all three men had been fired.

“The three individuals are no longer employed or associated with Two Keys Tavern, so this is now in the hands of the police and the courts,” Keller said. “It will be up to them to determine where the truth lies. It's unfortunate that the incident occurred on the premises of Two Keys Tavern, but those who know us and care about what happens there, know that this type of incident is uncharacteristic of our establishment.”

Keller went on to invite patrons and neighbors to come in, so that he could personally demonstrate his commitment to preventing “this type of behavior.”

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