Furman's swan eggs missing

GREENVILLE, S.C. - Furman University officials don't know who has taken the eggs from the white swans that live on the school's lake.

But Furman police chief Tom Saccenti said the two eggs are missing from a nest near the Asian Garden.

Saccenti says investigators don't know if the eggs were taken by a predator or a person.

He says a groundskeeper who checks on the swans every day reported the eggs were missing Thursday morning.

"Swan eggs run about $350 apiece," Saccenti said. "We're assuming that's why they were taken because why else would you take swan eggs?"

Senior groundskeeper Sheree Wright says Furman has only two of the European mute white swans, an aging male and female. Swans lay eggs only once a year.

Wright said if a muskrat or raccoon or hawk had taken the eggs, there would be some feather or shell fragment at the scene.

A new breeding pair of swans would cost $1,500 through a breeder in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, she said. Furman relies on donations from residents to Furman Friends of the Lake.