Goose Creek police are investigating allegations made by a 10-year-old girl accusing a family friend of sexually assaulting her.

The girl made the accusation while watching television with her mother last month, according to a Goose Creek Police Department incident report filed Monday.

The girl’s mother told police she learned of the incident after making comments about the “out of control” sexual behavior of a television show’s teenage characters. She told her daughter that their actions could lead to disease or death, the report said.

The woman told officers her daughter became visibly upset by the comment.

Then, the girl said that she was sexually assaulted by an adult male family friend, and asked if she would die from the encounter, the report said. Investigators questioned the girl about the assault.

She cried while struggling to recall certain details but told officers the abuse happened multiple times when she was 7 years old, the report said.

The girl described various acts of fondling the man is said to have committed against her, and said he forced her to touch him while he was unclothed, the report said.

The girl said the abuse stopped when she told another family friend, the man’s wife, the report said.

The girl’s mother told deputies that her daughter has had trouble sleeping since talking with her about the abuse. Investigators reported that the girl worried about whether the man would go to jail, and if authorities would believe her.

Police officials would not comment on the investigation.