Ann Flores, who grew up on Johns Island, was one of the lucky ones.

Her family survived the devastating tornado in Moore, Okla., and their house is still standing.

Even so, she feels uneasy.

“It makes you watch the clouds a whole lot more. At any time, this could just happen again,” she said.

On Monday, as the twister bore down, Flores took shelter in the house with 10-year-old son Daniel, daughter Candace, 21, and her newborn.

They fled when Flores saw the size of the funnel cloud on TV.

“Being in the storm, driving away with it on my heels, was the most horrible feeling ever,” she said.

“I was scared out of my mind,” she said. “I felt like I couldn’t drive fast enough, or the people on the road in front of us were in slow motion.”

They beat the twister to Norman Regional Hospital where they took shelter.

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