The former College of Charleston music professor who resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct has filed a counterclaim against a student who filed a suit against him.

The student, who was not identified in the complaint, filed a federal suit against internationally acclaimed pianist Enrique Graf last month.

Graf filed a counterclaim against the student on Thursday, according to court records.

Graf, who has vehemently denied the allegations against him, alleges the student, who remains enrolled at the college as graduate student, has maliciously defamed him, court records stated.

The counterclaim alleges the student had been arrested for a charge involving marijuana.

Graf alleges the student was using synthetic marijuana and his drug usage "spiraled out of control" in the summer of 2012, the counterclaim stated.

The student, who was romantically involved with a woman at the time, blamed Graf for difficulties he was experiencing in his relationship, the claim stated.

Graf alleges the suit against him is an attempt to "get money ... for conduct that never occurred," according to the claim.

The College of Charleston, President George Benson, and Steve Rosenberg, the former music department dean, have also been named in the student's suit.

The student alleges the college and some of its leaders failed to take action after receiving previous complaints of alleged inappropriate conduct involving Graf. It also alleges the school violated both federal and state laws requiring action or reporting of the allegations.

The student first made the allegations against Graf last year, which launched an investigation by the college and led to the school's recommendation to dismiss Graf.

Graf told The Post and Courier last year that he resigned because the college was not conducting a fair and adequate investigation.

College spokesman Mike Robertson has said they can't make any comments on a pending lawsuit.

The school's Department of Public Safety and the State Law Enforcement Division decided not to file criminal charges against Graf.

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