Flash mob erupts during Senior Day at Publix

Members of the Del Webb community’s Come Dance With me Line Dance Club broke out their best moves Wednesday during a flash mob in the Publix at Cane Bay.

A flash mob broke out Wednesday at Publix at Cane Bay, but about all you’ll get is this lousy story.

Store management — at a level higher than the local folks — got a little skittish about having media there to record the event, so even though local photographers were ready to shoot, all they could do was watch as nearly 30 seniors box-stepped, ball-changed and boogied between the Easter candy and ice cream cake displays.

A grand total of one photo captured the event.

Retirement community Del Webb’s Come Dance With Me Line Dance Club planned and executed the spontaneous dances for the store’s busiest time, noon on Senior Day, the day those 60 and older get 5 percent off.

“We’ve been working on this for a month,” said J.R. Van Vechten, who with his wife, Judy, leads the dance club.

As shoppers streamed into the store before the event, many greeted each other and stopped to catch up, some in the know, but many unaware of what was about to happen.

As the strands of “Mama Maria” started playing over a boom box, the Van Vechtens began strutting their stuff as others joined in.

They finished their seven-minute performance with the “Florida Boogie.”

Some spectators captured the event on cellphones, and all had big smiles on their faces as the crowd disbursed.

“That really was a sight to see,” shopper Jennifer Roberts said.