The father whose infant son was mauled by a dog last month in his mobile home near Ridgeville will be released from jail on a personal recognizance bond of $50,000, a magistrate ruled Wednesday.

A warrant charges Quintin McGrew, 28, of Sandpit Drive with unlawful conduct toward a child, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The warrant says McGrew put his 2-month-old Aiden at unreasonable risk by leaving the infant in the living room by himself for more than an hour while he slept in the bedroom. The infant was left with a dog that was new to the house, resulting in the disembowelment and death of the child, the warrant says.

McGrew, owner of a computer repair business, appeared at an afternoon bail hearing after turning himself in on the charge Thursday morning. Attorney Andy Savage said McGrew and his wife, Chantel, have been exemplary parents to their three children and noted that Aiden had been to all of his requisite wellness visits.

Dorchester County Magistrate Katrina Patton said she was satisfied McGrew has family and local ties strong enough to guarantee he'll make future court appearances.

Chantel McGrew, who delivers pizza at night, said afterward the loss of her son has been hard and she's only been able to see her older children once since the April 20 incident.

The dog, who authorities said was new to the home, has been put down by the state. The family's retriever, Lucky, has been returned to them.

McGrew does not have a criminal record in South Carolina, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Attempts to contact him Tuesday were not successful.

Chantel McGrew said in a 911 call that her husband had been ill but was awake when she left for an appointment on the morning of April 20.

At some point Aiden, who was born on Valentine's Day, was taken from a swing by a Labrador retriever mix as his father slept, officials have said.

When the mother returned home with her 7-year-old child, she reported that Aiden was bloodied and missing a leg. Her husband and toddler were in bed with the family's other dog, she said in the 911 call.

A coroner determined that neglect led to the boy's death by “animal eating.”

The McGrews had been watching the dog that attacked the baby and had planned to adopt it. It had “blood all over him,” while the family's other retriever was clean, Chantel McGrew told a dispatcher.

Neighbors have said the dogs never seemed aggressive. The dog was seen later in the day wagging its tail and curiously looking at members of the media gathered for a news conference.

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