Fans of Columbia TV anchor Ben Hoover use social media to protest his leaving

Screenshot of a Youtube video made by Taylor Kearns featuring highlights of former WIS-TV anchor Ben Hoover's time at the station.

Most of us in the news business - heck, any business - cherish the thought of a throng of supporters standing outside of our office on our last day of work to voice their gratitude for all of our hard work over the years.

Yet that rarely - if ever - happens. Unless you are Ben Hoover.

Fans of the WIS-TV anchor in Columbia have not once, but twice stood outside with posters to protest the news that Hoover's contract was inexplicably not renewed.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a real controversy without a petition.

The outrage has been so persistent that the station posted a response on its Facebook page, which mainly fueled more angry comments, including many viewers who said they're not going to watch anymore.

UPDATE: Hoover on Tuesday night posted a long explanation of his side of the story. You can read it here.

Hoover's coworkers made a highlight video here. You can also find it (and more support from fans) on his Facebook page.