Failed bridge strands vehicles at St. Johns Yacht Harbor

This photo provided by Charleston police shows a collapsed bridge Friday at the St. Johns Yacht Harbor club.

About 100 cars were stranded Friday after the bridge to St. Johns Yacht Harbor club failed, according to the marina.

The bridge to the club off Maybank Highway on Johns Island failed due to a weight-related issue, a Harbor employee said when reached by phone. No injuries were reported.

People can get on and off the property just not drive.

“Cars are stuck until we can get the bridge fixed,” the employee said.

Employees later refused to give an update on the bridge and said their manager had left for the day. They said there was transportation for people at the club, but would not explain further.

The club is home to The Stono Breeze restaurant.

Melissa Boughton contributed to this report. Reach Matt Sartwell at 937-5590 or @mattsartwell.