Drunk woman spills hot grease on herself, blames boyfriend in domestic dispute

Tiffany Cook is charged with criminal domestic violence.

North Charleston police say a woman dumped hot cooking grease on herself and blamed it on her boyfriend in a domestic dispute Monday.

Police arrived at a Sumner Avenue apartment shortly before midnight and saw 31-year-old Tiffany Cook standing in the parking lot topless, with ripped pants, and covered in cooking grease, a North Charleston Police Department incident report states.

The woman told police her boyfriend Carlos Ulmer, 37, poured the grease on her, struck her and ripped her clothes off when she tried to leave their home during an argument, the report states. However, according to Ulmer and four children who live at the home, the night’s event’s didn’t play out quite as Cook described.

The couple’s home was littered with glass following the dispute, but the children told police that damage was mostly caused by Cook as she argued with Ulmer about an upcoming birthday party, the report states.

Cook slammed a pot of grease on the counter in anger, and spilled the hot liquid on herself, according to the children. She then began to throw items across the room, and cursed at Ulmer and the children, the report states.

Police spotted the pot and a trail of grease leaving the apartment and stopping at Ulmer’s car. The man told police Cook threatened to damage his car and spilled more of the grease in a rush to get outside, the report states.

The children told police they saw Cook hit Ulmer in the face, which prompted them to hide in their rooms for fear of getting hurt as well, the report states.

Police saw a scratch on Ulmer’s right cheek, and a gouge on his left cheek and forehead, corroborating the children’s story, the report states.

When questioned about Cook’s appearance, Ulmer told police the woman’s jeans were ripped before the dispute, and she put them on right before police arrived, the report states.

Paramedics determined Cook didn’t receive any injuries from the grease. However, when police arrested the woman, she began to convulse and foam at the mouth, the report states.

Cook was taken to Roper Northwood Medical Facility, where the woman was said to be drunk and in need of rest, but otherwise healthy, the report states.

Cook was charged with criminal domestic violence because of the dispute. She is being held at the Charleston County jail, the report states.

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