Driver rams into Remount Road office building several times

A driver rammed his vehicle into an office building on Remount Road Tuesday morning.

Authorities were trying to figure out what prompted a man to ram his vehicle into a Remount Road office building three times -- and into three separate offices - this morning.

No one was injured in the incident, and police said the driver was in custody.

Employees standing around the building at 1141 Remount Road were speculating this morning that the man was angry, perhaps because of recently announced layoffs at one or more of the companies with offices at the location.

North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor, in response to an email, did not speculate on the man’s motives. “A motorist suffering a medical condition crashed his vehicle in to an office building at 1141 Remount Road,” Pryor said in the email. “The driver was transported to the hospital for treatment. No charges have been filed against the driver.”

The incident happened shortly before 7 a.m., Pryor said.