Dog with pipe stuck on head still running loose in Upstate Dog with head stuck in pipe needs help quickly

This dog, nicknamed "Piper" by animal rescue volunteers, has been roaming in Upstate South Carolina for at least six days with a pipe stuck on his head. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

An animal rescue group in Oconee County is hoping volunteers will soon be able to get close enough to remove an air-conditioning duct that is wrapped around a dog's head.

The animal has been wandering around Upstate South Carolina with what looks like a pipe stuck on his head since at least Monday night, according to Angie Thompson, a spokesperson for Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation of South Carolina.

"We've named him Piper," Thompson said Saturday. "He is on a 500-acre reserve. That is what is making it so hard for him to be captured."

Earlier this week, the rescue group had put out a call for help and the story was picked up by national news outlets.

"We had a lot of supporters show up who have now left," Thompson said. Two veterinarians and a handful of other volunteers remain at the scene, she said.

"He is walking around," she said. "He is in sight. They can feed him."

Food and water have been put out for the dog, but Thompson stopped short of saying anyone has seen the dog actually eating the food. There are humane traps in the area and there is also food in those traps, she said.

Asked what kind of dog the animal is, Thomspson said she thought he might be a Labrador mix.

"He's got a pipe on his head so it's hard to tell," she said.

The dog was apparently dumped in the area about a year ago, along with a female dog, she said.

Rescuers plan to try to get close enough to the animal to tranquilize him today so they can carefully remove the ductwork from around his head, Thompson said.

Asked for the animal's exact location, she said the group doesn't want anyone trying to come to the scene.

"A lot of people want to help," she said. "We're going to need to pay for the medicine. What we're going to need more than anything is donations to the rescue."

Donations can be made through PayPal to or by mail to Upstate Animal Rescue, P.O. Box 195, Townville, SC 29689

Updates on the dog's condition will be made to the group's Facebook page, Thompson said.

In the original version of this story, an incorrect address was given for PayPal donations to the rescue group.