Dog victim is afraid to go home

Danielle Green

The woman who was the victim of a vicious dog attack says she can’t understand why the dog is still in the neighborhood.

Danielle Green was attacked by a pit bull while walking home from a friend’s house about 10 p.m. Thursday. She said the dog came out of nowhere while she was walking on Traywick Avenue, near Maybank Highway on Johns Island.

“He came straight at my face,” Green said Sunday, by phone from her hospital bed.

She threw up her right arm to defend herself, and the dog clamped down on it. She said she was bitten so many times and so deeply that doctors won’t even be able to put in stitches until the wounds heal some more.

“He was ripping my arm to pieces,” Green said. “He flipped me over, like he was dragging me to his house to finish me up as roadkill.”

Jimmy Dean, a friend who was walking with her, started punching the dog in the head to try to make him let go. The dog would loosen his grip for a second, then clamp down again. Finally, the dog’s owners came out and pulled him off.

“Somebody needs to kill that dog,” Dean said bluntly. “That dog needs to be put down. My family lives on that same street. There are children out there.”

Charleston County deputies responded to the incident and found that the dog had apparently escaped from its chain, Maj. Jim Brady said Sunday. The owners have to keep the dog confined for at least 10 days during the investigation. No charges have been filed.

Contact information for the owner was unavailable Sunday.

Green’s mother, Jesse Reynolds of Hanahan, is outraged that the dog might be allowed to continue to live in the neighborhood.

“My girl was not just bitten by a dog,” she said. “This was a mauling. He was dragging her down the street. I think it’s time they started taking things like this serious.”

Reynolds said her daughter is afraid to go home. “She wakes up and screams,” she said. “She’s too terrified to go home to her own neighborhood, because this dog is going to be out again.”

Green, 38, is single and has no insurance. She was working at a marina on Wadmalaw Island. She expects to be out of work for quite a while with her injuries.

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