Dog found with “300” branded on its sides, Animal Society says

Authorities were trying to find out who branded this foxhound, nicknamed "Lucky," with the number 300.

Charleston County authorities are investigating after a dog was found with “300” branded across its rib cage.

A good Samaritan brought the foxhound nicknamed “Lucky” to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic off West Montague Avenue on Tuesday, Charleston Animal Society spokeswoman Kay Hyman said.

The dog was underweight and fighting an infection at the site of the large burns on both of its sides, Hyman said.

It’s not uncommon for hunters to mark their dogs with hair dye or temporary paint, but Hyman said this was the first time that she’s seen a dog branded and scarred.

“This is not the norm. As a society we’re outraged to think that living beings could be treated in such a manner,” Hyman said.

Animal Society veterinarian Sarah Boyd said that the dog’s scars show signs of chemical burning and that authorities are still trying to determine exactly how the brand was made.

Animal Control is investigating the case, Hyman said.

“Someone knows something. Someone knows this number and they know who this dog belongs to,” Hyman said.

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